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    老化 & 燒錄

    采用POGO PIN作為傳導媒介,相比傳統的彈片和導電膠具有跟高的穩定性和更長久的使用壽命,且探針可更換,測試座重復使用率高;兩種不同的作業方式,應用于手動與自動不同的測試條件;通用零部件為開模注塑成型,核心部件為加工制作,保障產品性能的同時最大限度的降低成本。

    POGO PIN is used as the transmission medium, which has higher stability and longer service life than traditional shrapnel and conductive adhesive, and the probe can be replaced. The reuse rate of the test seat is high. Two different operation modes are applied to different test conditions of manual and automatic; The common parts are injection molding, and the core parts are processing and manufacturing, which can ensure the product performance and minimize the cost.


    pitch 范圍:最小 0.35mm
    電流范圍:3A 持續電流
    溫度范圍:-50℃ ~180℃

    Pitch range: minimum 0.35mm
    Current range: 3A continuous current
    Contact impedance: 50 ~ 100 mω
    Temperature range: -50℃ ~180℃
    Compatible chip size range:1*1mm~13*13mm